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King-Cross Union Down Under

My family and I embarked on a trip to Perth, Australia over Easter for the union of my brother and now sister-in-law. I was extremely happy to be able to attend and see the whole of my family – half of which live in Australia and New Zealand, so yes, it is literally the other side of the world!


Two-and-a-half year old Thomas, my nephew and son of the bride and groom, was to be paige boy alongside our 20 month old daughter, Lola, who was flower girl. It was my task to try and bring them down the aisle together before the bridesmaids and bride. Alas, it did not quite go that way, even with the assistance of mother-of-the-bride, Sandra…Thomas and Lola had their own ideas! Thomas wanted to run off and play – I mean why would he want to walk sensibly down the cream carpet?! And Lola was not interested in distributing the array of beautifully coloured rose petals on her way, simply picking them all back up! Chris, the photographer (CK Images), amazingly managed to capture probably the one moment where Lola and Thomas were alongside one another! Good work.


As Darren waited for his beautiful bride, he did look somewhat nervous. I recall asking him a question and it didn’t even register! Darren looked dashing, as did his three best men in matching suits. If he had any worries, at least he had brothers, Danny and Jamie, and best friend Chris as confidantes.


The bridesmaids, Paula and Caroline, looked fabulous in an exquisite shade of teal – a perfectly complimentary shade to reflect the warmth and atmosphere of the afternoon. Then the moment everyone had been waiting for…the dazzling bride. Candice looked stunning and radiant as she walked down the aisle in an elegant, enchanting laced finish dress that fitted like a glove. The ethereal beauty to be met by her speechless groom – Darren, you lucky man!


The ceremony went off without a hitch and was set against a magnificent backdrop at Matilda Bay Reserve. A truly captivating setting for one of the most memorable events of one’s life. A harbor, some beach, greenery and the most divine evening sky – what more can one ask for?


A great time was had by all post ceremony. From the sharing of Darren’s prior antics and a display of what can only be described as, gorilla type behaviour, to the discovery that Candice’s previous beau was also a twin! She obviously has a type!!


Mr Barnes made a good effort with his speech and, true to form, shamed Darren with many an inappropriate story!


The newly named Mr & Mrs King’s day would only have been made better with the presence of those dearest members of the family. Missed so greatly every day, I am sure they would have been sharing in the joy and laughter of this special day.


Darren and Candice – I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. We had a fantastic day and it was great for all us to be together on this occasion, something that is so rare these days.


Some of my favourite memories from the day: Mum looking at ease, joking with her son and generally having a great time; Thomas trying to include his camera in the pictures and Lola cuddling him when he cried; Lola partying the night away with her new friends and the photographer saying Lola just like koala in a strong Australian accent; getting a few cheeky-looking photos of Jamie; exchanging new information on latest antics with Daniel; discovering a secret of Candice’s (that one was technically from the day before); catching up with your friends; meeting your boss and his wife who are lovely; Tom drunkenly calling you dawg and trying to give you advice depite being in no fit state; saying that you don’t look very drunk at the end of the night and you replying ‘I’m f***ed’!


What a great day.

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